2016 Hiring Forecast for Big Data

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30 December 2015

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Hiring managers know that filling data science positions – and keeping people in those positions – is extremely challenging.  Looking ahead to 2016, that trend is sure to continue. Big data is only getting bigger, and there are simply not enough talented people entering the field each year to meet employer demand. A recent report from Forrester summed up the entire big data talent gap in saying, “Businesses are drowning in data but starving for insights.”

The Big Data Skill Gap Will Continue To Grow

The unprecedented demand for big data professionals was highlighted in a report by the Society of Human Resource Management on the toughest jobs to fill in 2016.  They evaluated 200 professions with data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), trade associations and proprietary surveys.  Topping the list? Data scientists. The report estimates that 6,000 companies will be looking to fill nearly 4.4 million big data jobs in 2016. The real numbers are difficult to track, because the field is so new and the BLS does not currently have enough data to track it as a profession, so there could be millions more big data jobs in the market in 2016.

Two other technology job categories also made the list: software engineer and information security analyst.  Security has seen a sharp spike in demand over the last several years and data from the report indicates that U.S. companies will need to fill nearly 2.7 million security-related jobs, and demand far outweighs supply.  In software engineering, there is a similar disparity. The report estimates that there will be three jobs for every new computer science graduate in 2016.

Rising To The Challenge

The big data skill gap is real, and it is growing.  Demand has nowhere to go but up in 2016, and colleges and universities are not cranking out enough data science, security and engineering professionals to meet the growing thirst for talent. This means that companies have got to get aggressive – and creative – when it comes to their big data hiring processes and methods.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to develop an edge in big data hiring is to connect with a strategic recruiting partner with a strong reputation in the industry. If your organization is on the lookout for data scientists, engineers, security professionals and analysts, and you’re worried about the skills gap, contact Onboard Recruitment Advisers today.  We have cultivated a solid network of highly skilled professionals who are the top of their game, and we can help you improve your processes to attract and retain these professionals to drive the success of your business today, tomorrow, and well into the future.


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