7 Essential Items to Bring to a Job Interview

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14 September 2017

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Getting ready for a job interview? In addition to a positive attitude, here is a checklist of seven essential items you’ll want to bring along.

  1. Resume: There is a good chance the person interviewing you will have a copy of your resume printed out, but it never hurts to be prepared. There is also a good chance your interviewer is going to ask about your resume, and having a copy of it in front of you will refresh your memory and give you tips on what to say if you’re stuck.
  1. Research: This one requires a little more work pre-interview, but is equally as important as the physical items you have in your bag. Be sure to be very familiar with the job posting, interviewer(s) and the company— this way nothing will catch you off guard. Great sources are the company web site, news releases and LinkedIn profiles.
  1. Portfolio with nice pen and paper: Having something to write with and write on is important. Take down phone numbers, important names and other information the old fashioned way, so you won’t forget anything important and you won’t be tempted to pull out your phone.
  1. Directions: Whether you’re meeting at a restaurant, coffee shop or office, it’s important to know how to get there. Print out directions or have your phone fully charged with the address plugged in so you do not get lost and overwhelmed with the possibility of being late.
  1. An energy/protein bar: There is a possibility that you are going to be stuck waiting for your interview to start or dying from hunger if the day runs long. Bring a favorite energy bar so you can stay focused on the interview and not the hunger.
  1. Mints: After you’re finished snacking pre-interview or you’re done sneaking to the bathroom to eat that protein bar, have a mint to freshen your breath again. You do not want to miss out on an opportunity because your interviewer hates the smell of peanut butter chocolate chip.
  1. Targeted Questions: Be prepared to have an answer when you’re interviewer asks you, “Do you have any questions?” You can ask your interviewer to clarify anything you did not understand, upcoming projects and goals, or next steps for following up post-interview. If you are meeting with multiple people, prepare a few targeted questions for each person based on what you learn through your research.

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