What do you look for in an analytics resume?

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7 February 2014

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“What do you look for in a resume?”

One analytics executive’s perspective:
Recently, I attended a vendor meeting hosted by a client along with representatives from a handful of other analytics recruiting firms. It was a great chance for us to hear from the company’s senior leaders about the group’s business hiring plans for 2014.

During the Q&A, one recruiter asked the SVP of the analytics division what he looked for when evaluating a candidate’s resume or CV. Here is a summary of the SVP’s response:

  • Detailed, yet concise, organized presentation of information
  • Logical career progression and a tie-in to his specific industry
  • Looking for emphasis on “individual contributions” vs. what the “team accomplished”
  • For new graduates, details about internship experience or academic projects
  • No longer than 2-3 pages ideally; lengthy 5-6 page resumes were clearly a turn-off
  • Most notably, he said the resume is a preview of a candidate’s communication and organizational abilities. To the recruiters in the room, he said, “Don’t clean it up before sending it to us,” he said. “If you clean it up, the candidate’s true skills will come out in the interview.”

    Since I won’t be cleaning up your resume, does yours pass this test?

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