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17 November 2014

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Big Data is becoming big business in the Buckeye State, and colleges and universities are stepping up to help deliver not only qualified data professionals to the marketplace, but to create an environment that brings Big Data jobs into the region.

Can Big Data Startups Breathe New Life into Cleveland?

Cleveland, Ohio is known for The Cleveland Clinic, famous for cutting-edge research and innovations in healthcare. The Clinic is also helping to breathe new life into the Cleveland economy. Young technology innovators are heading to Cleveland with dreams of Big Data Startups aimed at the healthcare industry.  Cleveland is an ideal place for startups to get up and running, as the cost of living is low, real estate is readily available, and The Cleveland Clinic is willing to work with these startups to help them develop their products and services. As a result, Big Data startups are taking over formerly abandoned warehouses and industrial centers that haven’t seen life in decades. This influx of young talent is also helping to create a cultural and social resurgence in the city.

Many of these startups begin with a focus on medical technology and healthcare applications, and then expand into other verticals. Ohio is home to such corporate giants as Key Bank and Progressive Insurance, companies that have a use for – and a real interest – in Big Data.  This means that Cleveland could become the next tech hub of the US.

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IBM and Ohio State – A Big Data Jobs Partnership

Cleveland isn’t the only city attempting to attract Big Data professionals into Ohio. Recently, Columbus was named one of the smartest cities in the world in 2015 by the Intelligent Community Forum.

As a land grant school, The Ohio State University in Columbus makes a pledge to its students that they will be prepared for the job market upon graduation. Several years ago, they began focusing their attention on Big Data skills, as their computer science department understood that analytics was set to become a game-changing field.

As a result, Ohio State partnered with IBM in 2012 to create a Center For Advanced Analytics, which brings together business and academic experts to create a hub for analytics research, advancement, and solutions. The center has created several hundred jobs since it opened in 2012, and as innovation continues, more jobs openings are on the horizon.

Ohio State is using feedback from IBM to help tailor its undergraduate and graduate analytics programs to ensure that students are prepared for the ever-changing world of big data analytics upon completion of their programs, and they are hoping that their graduates will be able to find jobs in the state, helping to prevent “brain drain” in Ohio.

Partnerships such as these is one of the reasons Columbus topped Forbes’ list of “Opportunity Cities,” places where it may be easier for entrepreneurs and professionals to make their marks.

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Cincinnati and Data Analytics – Going Hand In Hand

On the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati is also a hub for data analytics. Brands such as P&G, Kroger, and other big name organizations have their headquarters based here. As a result, job opportunities are growing there by the day.

A growing area where big data is becoming more and more important by the day is in customer service. And Cincinnati is a region known for that. DunnhumbyUSA, recently named one of the best places to work in the USA, specializes in customer service analytics and has more than 500 local employees in their office.

Lastly, Cincinnati is fostering and developing young talent in this field to excel. The University of Cincinnati has been recognized as one of the Top 20 big data analytics master’s programs in the country. You can either go for an MS in Business Analytics or obtaining a graduate certificate in data analytics. These both go a long way to launching your career.

If you are a big data analytics professional looking for new opportunities in Ohio contact OnBoard Recruitment Advisers today. We know Ohio and specialize in analytics and business intelligence positions in a variety of fields, and we will work with you to connect you to a position that will help you reach your career goals.

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