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15 January 2013

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Last week we posted on the looming big data ‘talent cliff’ and offered suggestions for HR and hiring managers for approaching the shortage of workers skilled in analytics and statistical analysis.

On the flip side, if you work with data, it’s a great time to assess your career goals and position yourself to take advantage of the pending growth opportunities. Where do you want to be in five years? Ten years? Setting these goals will help you decide what comes next as a building block to meeting your goals.

For example, if you don’t already have one, an advanced degree with a statistical coursework emphasis definitely sets you apart. Marketable degrees include “Master of Applied Statistics” or “Masters of Mathemetics.” An MBA with a statistical concentration is also a good bet. Likewise, depending on commitment to a specific industry, other degrees have value, such as a Master of Public Health for the healthcare profession. 

In addition to formal educational pursuits, here are some other practical steps to keep your skills marketable:

  • Volunteer for projects at work that will give you exposure to new skills or business areas
  • Take advantage of free webinars to learn about new tools
  • Enroll in a SQL or statistics class at a community college
  • Attend a regional or national industry conference
  • Join analytics and data-related Groups on LinkedIn to share and interact with others 
  • Set up a Twitter feed to follow industry news from thought leaders and vendors in your field
  • Join networking groups or association meetings to keep up to dates with trends and topics and to meet people  

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