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31 October 2012

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Recruiting goes mobile

If you’re looking for your next employee, your first step may be visiting your own company’s career page from your smartphone. According to a study by Potentialpark, 19 percent of job seekers “currently used” their mobile phones in their search, and more than 50 percent “could imagine” doing so. This is making it crucial for companies to have mobile-friendly Career pages on their websites or to create their own job apps.

Here is a snapshot of the study’s findings:

  • 57 percent of candidates would like to apply for jobs on their mobile phones
  • 51 percent want to receive alerts and information via email and text message
  • 33 percent want to be able to contact the recruiter from their mobile phones

Optimizing your company’s website for mobile viewing isn’t the only way you can improve your mobile recruiting. Social media has started playing an important role in hiring now as well.

Depending on the position you are recruiting for, Twitter can be a helpful tool for reaching out to many people with diverse backgrounds. However, more experienced workers tend to shy away from jobs on Facebook and Twitter, so knowing your target audience is key.

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