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You know the basics of a talent search. You write attractive job descriptions, you post them online on job boards, LinkedIn and the “careers” section of you website. You may even attend job fairs or networking events. These tested-and-true strategies may yield you a few qualified candidates, but they don’t address one crucial hiring challenge: the best talent in the industry isn’t looking for a job.

According to a study by CEB, 44 percent of full-time employees classify themselves as “passive candidates” – they are not actively pursuing new opportunities, but are willing to take the leap if the right opportunity comes along.

Why Passive Candidates Are So Attractive

Passive talent is the “holy grail” of a candidate search. The CEB study revealed that passive candidates perform nine percent higher than new hires who were actively looking for a job, and they are 25 percent more likely to stay at a company longer than active candidates.

The reason why passive candidates perform better than their counterparts can likely be contributed to the way in which they typically arrive at an employer’s door.  Almost all passive candidates are sourced through professional recruiters who selectively recruit them for job opportunities that fit their career goals, and they match them to employers whose work environments and culture mesh well with their personality.

Why Employers Fail at Attracting Passive Candidates

Luring top talent away from a job can be difficult and requires a significant investment of time and energy. Most companies simply do not have the resources to identify, connect with and establish an ongoing relationship with passive talent, especially within specialized niche fields.

Passive job seekers are happy and productive where they are. Therefore it can take months – and sometimes even years – to build trust and create a sense of comfort with a candidate. Most HR teams don’t have an extra minute to invest in a potential candidate, let alone weeks, months or years to build trust and rapport.

Executive Recruiters Are Your Key to Passive Talent

Professional recruiters give companies an instant line on passive talent. They have the time and the resources to develop and maintain relationships with passive candidates.  Because they spend so much time cultivating relationships with candidates, they know their talent pipeline inside and out, and they can instantly identify a potential match between a professional and an employer.

Recruiters use a variety of tactics to identify passive talent. They scour professional membership lists, conduct deep web searches, utilize social media, closely study companies in their niche, attend industry conferences and they participate heavily in the online professional community. Overall, a recruiter’s focus is to utilize a variety of tactics to develop a pipeline of talent so that when a client calls and says, “I have a need” they can instantly tap into their network.

Partnering with a specialized recruiter instantly opens your company to a pool of highly skilled passive candidates that you might not have otherwise been able to access. Over the years, OnBoard Recruitment Advisers has built an ever-growing pipeline of big data and analytics professionals, and we strive to know the industry inside and out. If you are looking for a recruiting partner with a proven track record of success, contact us today.

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