Hiring? How to Gain Access to the Best Talent in the Industry

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27 April 2015

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Now that unemployment rates have dipped to pre-recession levels, the war for talent is heating up. When it comes to accessing the best talent in the industry – especially among technology fields – employers need every advantage they can get.

Niche recruiters can be an employer’s secret weapon in the war for talent. If you’ve been toying with the idea of partnering with a recruiter, let these advantages help move you towards a decision.

Recruiters Have Built a Full Pipeline

If you want to keep positions filled with top talent, you’ve got to cultivate a pipeline of both active and passive candidates. Unfortunately, internal HR teams just don’t have the time or resources to devote to building such a pipeline. Recruiters focus on their network day in and day out. Over time, professional recruiters can build up an impressive network of both local and national talent, ready to make a move for the right opportunity.

Receive Vetted Candidates At Your Door

When a recruiter recommends a candidate for a job, they’ve already screened a candidate against the essential qualifications for your position, salary history, work status, relocation considerations and motivations for making a change. A good recruiter will even dig in and offer insight as to whether the person is a fit for your company culture.

Recruiters Are Active In the Industry and Local Market

Recruiters routinely attend industry networking events. Many are card-carrying members of professional organizations in their niche, as well. They are out in the marketplace meeting new people and making new connections all the time. This means they have their finger on the pulse of trends. They know which companies are growing and which are cutting back. They know who is launching products and who is consolidating. They know where salaries are heading and they know what popular companies are doing to keep their employees happy. All of this knowledge is applied to the candidate search process.

Get an Extension of Your PR Team

Your recruiting partner will take the time to learn about your company culture.  While they, of course, must know what technical requirements you have for candidates, they must also learn what types of people thrive in your company. For example, a laid-back culture may not be ideal for a candidate who is accustomed to working for buttoned-up corporations.  When they present your company to their candidates, they can speak about the culture and what it will be like to work there. This can help solidify interest in candidates – or conversely, weed out some candidates.  Candidates trust their recruiters and are more likely to believe their assessment of the work environment.

Working with a specialized recruiter instantly opens your company to a pool of highly skilled candidates that you might not have otherwise been able to access. OnBoard Recruitment Advisers has built an extensive network of big data/analytics professionals, and we know the industry inside and out. If you are looking for a partner with a proven track record of success, contact us today.

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