Hiring and Retention Strategies for the Fourth Quarter

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For many companies, Q4 is crunch time for meeting year-end hiring needs. Some may see hiring in the fourth quarter as too time consuming with finishing up year-end projects and the looming holidays. However, the next few months can be a great time to hire if you construct a solid strategy. Here are some helpful tips to keep you hire qualified candidates this quarter.

To start off, determine a timeline. According to Sharon DeLay, SPHR of BoldlyGO Career and HR Management in Columbus, Ohio, ask: “When does your budget really support this position?” Strategies may vary depending if the hiring need and onboarding process is Q4 vs. Q1. If your position is a truly a Q4 need:

  • Streamline the process and ask your hiring managers to block days for interviews. If your process normally takes three steps, coordinate schedules to combine your process to two.
  • Communicate regularly with internal and external recruiting partners. Recruiters prioritize their activities based on the priority of positions. Your position will receive more attention if you communicate a sense of urgency.
  • Advance a candidate “up” or “down” through your process versus an approach of talking to six people over the course of a week, narrowing to two, and then extending an offer to one. The job market in the fourth quarter moves quickly.
  • Consider bringing in consultants to help meet year-end deadlines while the search continues for a full-time employee.

At the same time, don’t rush the process of hiring to the point where you hire someone who may leave a year later, keeping in mind retention is key. “Have confidence in your own training and mentoring abilities to hire beyond a skill set parameter,” says Jennifer Adkins, senior employment specialist at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston.

Joey Price, PHR CEO of Jumpstart: HR also recommends focusing on retention in the fourth quarter. “Look into how you’re doing with professional development and training of the employees you currently have to create a great work environment whether or not you’re looking to hiring in the coming months.”

Whether your plans are for hiring or creating a plan to retain employees, fourth quarter is the time for action.


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