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Best practices for working with a recruiting partner

Working with the right recruiter can be a professionally rewarding experience. You may stay in touch with that individual for many years to come. Likewise, working with a misaligned recruiter can be frustrating. With this in mind, here are a few ways to get the most out of your recruiting relationships.

Have reasonable expectations for your recruiting relationships. Recruiters are paid by companies to identify individuals for specific positions. That said, a recruiter who works in your niche may want to proactively develop a mutually beneficial relationship with you. Recruiters find people for jobs, not jobs for people. If you need more in-depth career counseling, contact a career coach or professional resume writer to assist.

Identify recruiters who specialize in your industry or skill area. You will likely have the most success with recruiters who specialize. Review credentials on LinkedIn or ask other trusted individuals in your network which recruiters they would recommend.

Have clear goals for what you’re hoping to achieve with a job change. Determine up-front if you will have those opportunities in your current employer. If not, look for opportunities outside your current organization. Ask a mentor or other trusted advisers for input on your career development. Be prepared to articulate your occupational priorities to your recruiter.

Discuss communication preferences with your recruiter. Determine the best method and timeline for follow-up after each interaction—text, mobile, email, etc. Respond with your availability to a client interview request the same business day whenever possible.

Take advantage of interview preparation. Your recruiter has extra information to share about the company and hiring process beyond what you will find on a job description. If the recruiter offers to share extra insight ahead of time, it is in your best interest to take her up on that offer—even if you are an experienced interviewer.

Provide timely feedback after client interviews. It is important for your recruiter to know whether or not you are interested in the opportunity so she can provide appropriate feedback to the client.

Let your recruiter know about other opportunities you also have in process. If the hiring process for one position is advancing faster than your first-choice position, talk to your recruiter about it. He may be able to inject urgency to a process.

If you have had a great experience with a recruiter, pay it forward. Since recruiting services are free to candidates, the best way to thank a recruiter is through referrals. You never know who you may be helping by simply passing along an opportunity to someone else. Writing a recommendation on a social media site such as LinkedIn is also very much appreciated by recruiters.

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