5 Reasons to Partner with a Specialized Recruiter for Your Recruiting Needs

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23 February 2015

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More and more companies are learning the value of partnering with a recruiter who can unlock access to top talent. These recruiters work effectively to find qualified candidates to fill open positions, whether those candidates are active in the job market or not. They have solid negotiating skills, a strong talent network, and an eye for matching employers with their ideal candidates.

However, not all recruiters are the same. Many are generalists who work in a variety of industries without any specialized knowledge of the fields in which their client companies operate. Without industry-specific experience, recruiters can’t effectively match a client’s needs with candidates in their network, and in turn, can cost valuable time and money.

Here are five reasons why a partnership with a specialized, niche recruiting firm is ideal:

  1. They Know the Industry – While your recruiters will have to take time to learn about your individual organization, they don’t need to learn about your industry. They already know the language, they understand things like your regulatory environment and current market challenges. They know the jargon, the landscape, and the current industry trends.
  2. They Know the Market – Specialized recruiters know the current job marketplace. They know what type of talent is on the look-out for new opportunities, what job seekers want from an employer, and the types of salaries qualified candidates are demanding. They can help you tailor your job descriptions to attract the type of talent you’re looking for, and help you stay competitive with compensation and benefits.
  3. They Come With a Built-In Pipeline – A candidate pipeline is crucial for keeping positions filled, but most internal HR teams don’t have the time or resources to devote to building a pipeline. A specialized recruiter comes to the table with a built-in talent network. They also have a network of passive candidates – talented individuals who are happily employed. These are often the most highly qualified and most ideal of all candidates, yet they are the most difficult to attract. Niche recruiters have the time and the ability to keep in contact with passive candidates who are just waiting for the right opportunity to come their way.
  4. Higher Acceptance Rates – How many times have you found yourself in the positon where your ideal candidate rejects your offer at the last stage of the hiring process? Investing time and money in a candidate only to have to start from scratch is taxing on resources and morale. Specialized recruiters have a higher-than-average acceptance rate because they spend an extraordinary amount of time on due diligence, and they only present candidates when they have gotten a “warm close” indicating the candidate would accept the position if offered.
  5. Improved Long-Term Retention Rates – Turnover is extremely expensive, but most companies do not have the time or the resources to devote to making strong hiring decisions that lead to better employee retention. Niche recruiters have that time and those resources, and they can match you with candidates who are more likely to be happy with your company and remain with you for the long haul.

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