Pelotonia Update: 180 Miles for a Cure

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21 August 2013


Earlier this month, Catherine participated in Pelotonia, a cycling fund-raiser benefiting Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. With 6700+ riders in this year’s event, Pelotonia became the largest cycling fund-raiser in the country based on the number of riders. Thanks to generous corporate sponsors, 100 percent of rider funds raised through Pelotonia goes directly to cancer research.

Riders choose distances of 25, 50, 75, 100, 155 or 180 miles. This year, Catherine biked 180 miles over two days from Columbus to Gambier, Ohio, and then back. Day 1 consisted of a 100-mile ride, and Day 2 was 80 miles.

“What makes this ride special are the people who line the route. I passed people holding ‘thank you’ signs with names of their own cancers. Another holding a sign thanking us for riding for his wife who has cancer. Homeowners along rural roads set up lawn chairs in their yards to cheer riders.” Catherine said. “Also, the volunteers are incredible. Cancer touches so many lives. It is a wonderful experience to be a part of a community dedicated to finding a cure.”

OnBoard also supports Pelotonia through the ForwardOn referral program, and this year supported other riders as a result of referrals for positions. Pelotonia’s fund-raising continues through October with a projected $18 million+ raised this year for cancer research. Visit to learn more about the event and the cause.

Opening ceremonies in downtown Columbus

Opening ceremonies in downtown Columbus

Team Speranza at Pelotonia 13

Team Speranza at Pelotonia 13

Day 1 - On the 100-mile route to Gambier

Day 1 – On the 100-mile route to Gambier

Day 2 starting line.

Day 2 starting line

Catherine at the 180-mile finish line.

180-mile finish line

One of many signs along the route

One of many signs along the route

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