Top Big Data Stories of 2014

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29 December 2014

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2015 is upon us, and this is the time of the year when everyone likes to take a look back at the noteworthy events of the previous 12 months. Big data was big news this past year, and here are some stories that highlight just how impactful big data has been in 2014:

Ten Ways Big data is Revolutionizing Manufacturing takes a look at some of the most exciting developments in big data in the manufacturing industry from a study issued by McKinsey & Company in late 2014.  The article looks at the ways in which manufacturing has been impacted by big data, from better accuracy to compliance to productivity, and how it will continue to change manufacturing in 2015 and beyond.

Big data, Big Security

2014 was a year of some significant data breaches. Home Depot, eBay, Apple, and JP Morgan Chase were just a few of the corporations that made news for their security – or lack thereof. This article from reviews a panel discussion that took place over the summer, sponsored by Dell where industry experts all agree that when it comes to big data, security has got to improve.

Is The Healthcare Industry Finally Ready for Big data?

The Affordable Care Act has helped keep the healthcare industry in the forefront of the news over the last year. The political firestorm has shined a light on the efficiencies (and inefficiencies) of the entire system, including electronic health records.  The Harvard Business Review takes a look at the advances in healthcare technology and the current state of the industry, and they believe that that it is poised to finally harness the power of big data.

Oracle Makes a Move to take on announces Oracle’s 2014 purchase of Data as a Service broker Datalogix. The acquisition gives Oracle one more tool in its cloud-based toolbox, but the move is interesting to industry insiders. Datalogix is for marketers, which puts Oracle in a position to take on and other competitors in the sales and marketing space.  What will this mean for 2015?

How do Analytics Empower Business?

The editors of Computerworld identified US corporations that are making better decisions, tapping into new markets, and even generating new streams of revenue thanks to big data analytics. This article looks at those organizations and the analytics technologies that have impacted their growth in 2014.

Big data Predictions for 2015

If you’re ready to start looking ahead at what’s in store for big data in 2015, has made some predictions for the New Year.

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