Using Hashtags for your Social Job Search

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11 November 2017

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Recruiters are high users of social media, and LinkedIn is not our only social network. We also connect and share career opportunities on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Many recruiters tag their job posts with hashtags. If you are not accessing these sites, you may be missing out on some great opportunities.

The hashtag, formerly known as the “pound sign,” offers a way to categorize content and turn a word or phrase into a searchable link. Hashtags can be powerful tools in your job search.


So how does it work? Use hashtags to target your search by industry, geography and other job attributes. To search using hashtags, simply enter a word or phrase preceded by a hashtag in the “search box” of a social media site. You may also click on the hash-tagged word or phrase in an existing post to bring up other posts with the same tag.

For example, recruiters frequently tag their social media job posts with hashtags such as:

  • #recruiting
  • #hiring
  • #jobsearch
  • #interviewing
  • #careers
  • #jobs

These are broad categories, and so you will probably want to refine your search by focusing on an INDUSTRY or CAREER. For example, as an analytics recruiter, two tags I frequently use in my posts are #bigdatajobs and #analyticsjobs.

Other suggested hashtags by industry are:

  • #engineeringjobs
  • #healthcarejobs
  • #manufacturingjobs
  • #oilgasjobs
  • #energyjobs
  • #telecomjobs
  • #financejobs
  • #pharmajobs
  • #managedcarejobs
  • #accountingjobs
  • #RNjobs
  • #salesjobs
  • #marketingjobs
  • #SixSigmajobs

You can also use hashtags to identify opportunities via GEOGRAPHIC REGION, such as:

  • #OhioJobs
  • #TXjobs
  • #FloridaJobs
  • #BostonJobs
  • #SoCaljobs
  • #MidwestJobs
  • #NCjobs
  • #AtlantaJobs
  • #NYCjobs

Some cities have their own unique hashtags, such as #CHIjobs for Chicago; #RTPjobs for the Raleigh-Durham Research Triangle; or #CbusJobs for Columbus. Experiment in the search bars to find local variations.

If your search is not limited by geography, try these tags to find a TELECOMMUTING position:

  • #remotejobs
  • #virtualjobs
  • #telecommute
  • #workfromhome
  • #homebased


TweetMyJobs is a helpful Twitter-based tool, which sends targeted career opportunities to you via email, text or Twitter. Visit to learn more and to create an account.

When you land the interview, prep for the big day by using hashtags such as #interviewtips or #interviewadvice.

Get creative with your searches. Remember to use hashtags on other sites, too, such as Facebook and Google+.

Happy #JobSearching!

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