What’s the correct timeline for following up after an interview?

When you are waiting to hear back from a prospective employer, time can seem to stand still.  In some cases, the interviewer will answer your question about next steps with a timeline such as, “We will be making our decision by next Tuesday,” or “Our final interview will be conducted on the 22nd.” Answers like […]

11 February 2017

Get Worthwhile LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations may not make or break your chances of landing your dream job, but they can certainly help you make your case. Hiring managers use LinkedIn as a way to learn more about you, and recommendations help paint a picture of how your supervisors and colleagues view your work ethic, skills and experience. Tips […]

23 January 2017
job search

Job Profile: Healthcare Data Scientist or Informatics Analyst

Healthcare Data Scientists are tasked with getting the most from digital information storage and retrieval. They may access information necessary for decision making and analyzing information. They may be involved in the designing of new systems to store healthcare information, and they may participate in the development and documentation of data-acquisition policies. Healthcare Data Scientists may […]

17 January 2017
job search

Manage Your Online Footprint in a Job Search

If your job search is hitting a brick wall time and time again, it may be time to take a close look at your online footprint. To do this, google-search your email and social media handles. Many people reuse the same user names on sites they visit, and often these are the same as email […]

6 January 2017
job search

Job Profile: Data Scientists

The field of data science has been described as “part science, part art.” Data scientists are responsible for organizing and analyzing complicated data sets, and reporting their findings to members of the executive team to help them drive decision making. That means that these professionals must have top-notch mathematics and computer science abilities, and they […]

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