5 Signs You Love Your Job

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13 February 2017

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It can seem like everyone around you is constantly complaining about their job, but there are people out there that actually enjoy what they do! Below are signs that you #LoveYourJob, and if you don’t feel this way, it might be time for a job change.

  1. You would recommend your company: If a friend was looking for a job, you would have nothing but nice things to say about your company. You might not even realize how much you love your assignments and coworkers until you catch yourself bragging when all of your other friends are complaining.
  1. You like working with your manager/boss: You do not fear or resent the people you work under, and you feel comfortable going to them for advice or help. If you feel respected and like part of a team, you will probably realize that you enjoy your work day more than the average employee.
  1. You do not stare at the clock: Your day at the office is not spend staring at your iPhone or watch because you’re actually enjoying what you’re doing! And if you do catch a glimpse of the time, you’re surprised at how fast your work day is flying by.
  1. You want new responsibilities: Instead of dreading getting assigned different jobs and/or responsibilities, you’re the first in line to volunteer and/or love tackling new challenges at work. You also see a future at your company and it makes you smile instead of have a panic attack.
  1. You don’t hate Mondays… that much: Everyone loves weekends more than weekdays, but if you do not have Sunday night blues that prevent you from doing anything but complaining about work, it’s a clear sign you love your job.

If you said “yes” to all five, congratulations! It sounds as if you have a great workplace and manager. If not, contact us for current opportunities in analytics, data science and big data. Everyone deserves to feel the love!

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