5 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media

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1 August 2017
interview advice

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Contemplating a job search? Before you begin sending resumes en masse, it is a good idea to clean up and/or lock down your digital foot print. Here are five ways to clean up your social media:

  1. Google Yourself: It’s entirely possible that Google could know more about you than you think it does. Type your name into the search engine and make sure all of the results (including pictures) are appropriate and something you’re proud off.
  2. Use a Professional Email: Try to keep your email short, sweet and to the point. Include your first and last name and avoid generic/silly usernames like sportsfan3948 and horsemom10.
  3. Watch What You Tweet: In addition to not using profane language and tweeting offensive comments, make sure you are not tweeting rude things about your coworkers or venting about the company you work for. You want to keep your Twitter positive and light.
  4. Set Facebook photos to private: It’s important to keep your professional life and private life separate, and Facebook can make the line a little blurry. If you’re searching for a job, you do not want your interviewer to ask you about your Halloween costume or questionable college decisions. However, make sure your Facebook profile and cover photo are tasteful as these are always public.
  5. Update LinkedIn: There is a good chance that companies seeking new employees are going to search applicants on LinkedIn, so make sure your profile is up to date and matches your resume. Another important LinkedIn component? An appropriate profile picture—avoid selfies and party pictures. Invest in a quality head-shot to further promote your personal brand.


If you’ve made it this far, we can tell you’re serious! So here are two more Bonus Tips:

  1. Google your email address, especially the email prefix before the “@” sign. These prefixes may be matched to “anonymous” comments you have made in news groups or social sites. We recommend using a completely new and separate email address for your job search. (See #2 above)
  2. Start a new Twitter account. If your Twitter account is personal, consider locking it down and starting a new one with a professional objective. Share articles focused your industry as a way to network and demonstrate your expertise.

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