5 Ways to Rebound If You Didn’t Get the Job

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It is easy to get discouraged and disappointed if a job interview or opportunity does not go your way, but instead of throwing yourself a pity party, rebound and be ready to get the next job.

  1. Consider what you may have done wrong: It’s important to look back at your resume and make sure there are no obvious spelling mistakes or other errors—like including a reference that you haven’t talked to in years and is not prepared to speak on your behalf. It’s also important to reflect on your answers in an interview and see if there is something you can say or do better next time.
  2. Don’t overthink the negative: While it is important to reflect on ways to improve on your next job search, it is also important to reflect on what you did right! Don’t sell yourself short and make sure you congratulate yourself on your solid effort.
  3. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket: It is easy to get caught up in one specific job or company, but it is important to keep all of your options open. You need to spread the wealth (your resume), and make sure you are applying to jobs at different companies and at different levels.
  4. Send a note: If you’re still interested in a company after an interview for a position for which you were rejected, consider sending the Hiring Manager a positive note thanking him/her for the opportunity. You never know what might happen, and it is possible that the person selected for the job over you won’t work out and the company will not want to start the process over again. It is also possible that the company could have another position open and your note could give you an edge!
  5. Try again: Don’t give up! Instead of spending your time complaining or worrying about the job you did not get, put all of your energy into continuing your job search. Try to apply to a variety of jobs and keep reminding yourself there will always be another opportunity. The best is yet to come.

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