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11 February 2017

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LinkedIn recommendations may not make or break your chances of landing your dream job, but they can certainly help you make your case. Hiring managers use LinkedIn as a way to learn more about you, and recommendations help paint a picture of how your supervisors and colleagues view your work ethic, skills and experience.

Tips for Generating Strong LinkedIn Recommendations

It is important to note that many hiring managers take LinkedIn recommendations with a grain of salt. Some people have abused the feature over time, diluting their impact. That doesn’t mean that you should abandon your efforts to collect them, however. Recommendations from thought leaders can say a lot about who you are as a candidate.  Use these tips to help you build a portfolio of worthwhile LinkedIn recommendations that will help you land your next job.

Strike While the Iron is Hot. The perfect time to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation is when a manager, supervisor or leader is feeling positive about a project you’ve recently completed.  Don’t wait two years and expect that person to remember how happy they were with you and your work. Always ride waves of success.

Don’t Go Overboard.  Having too many recommendations can be overkill.  Hiring managers don’t want to wade through 100 recommendations to try and sort out fluff from fact. When it comes to seeking out recommendations, always choose quality over quantity.

Ask For Specifics Whenever Possible. Your recommendations should reinforce the skills and expertise you list in your profile. When asking for recommendations, request that the author address at least one of those areas of skill and expertise, if possible. You can provide a few bullet points to the author that will help remind them of your personal strengths.

Be Choosy When Asking For Recommendations. Do not solicit recommendations just for the sake of having them on your page. Hiring managers won’t be impressed if your profile only lists recommendations from peers or friends.  Seek out former leaders you’ve worked with who can speak highly about your past accomplishments, your character and your work ethic.

Up Your Game with Help from a Recruiter

Technical fields, especially big data and analytics, are extremely competitive. Your LinkedIn profile must be professional, but it is just one tool in your belt that will attract the attention of hiring managers. If you want to up your game from your resume to your social presence to your interviewing skills, it pays to connect with a niche recruiter who focuses on your field of expertise.

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