Leaving a Job: Your Relocation Check List

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22 March 2017

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You have a new job, and you are ready to resign your current position. Congratulations! Here is a quick checklist to ensure your resignation process goes smoothly.

Do Your Research: Make sure you are familiar with company policies and the resignation process. You want everything to go smoothly and not to be caught off guard. Also look into when you are supposed to get your last paycheck and any other employee benefits after you leave a company.

Give Notice: It’s important to give two weeks notice when you are leaving a job, and to write a formal resignation letter. If possible, offer to help transition the next employee, even if it means just sending an email their way.

Say ‘Thank You’: There’s no need to make the resignation a negative process, so be appreciative and thank your boss and manager for the opportunity and any skills you may have learned over the years. You can also send an email to your coworkers to thank them and fill them in on your new position.

Ask For A Reference: If you feel comfortable and proud of the work you did for the company, ask for a letter of recommendation or a LinkedIn recommendation before you leave so you do not have to try and contact an old boss years later. You never know when you’re going to need a reference next.

Clean: Before you resign, begin cleaning the inside of your desk first. This way your registration is not the talk of the office, and also you want to make sure you do not leave anything behind. Additionally, it’s important to clean up your computer by deleting personal files and logging out of any email or website with saved information.

Leave On A Good Note: Try to keep a low profile and keep working until the day you leave. Keep interactions all interactions with your coworkers positive. You never know when you are going to cross paths with your boss or coworkers again, so try to leave the business on a good note and don’t brag about a new job or opportunity.

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