In March 2013, OnBoard was retained by a data services and software company which needed to hire a Chief Business Development Officer. Key criteria included a specific background in GIS data services, with a preference for public safety knowledge, the ability to develop sales staff and strategically expand into new markets through direct and channel sales.

Michael identified and sourced several candidates through a variety of channels. Within 10 days of accepting the assignment, OnBoard presented a slate of six qualified candidates. The successful candidate met business needs not previously disclosed to OnBoard when the search began. He was hired 58 days from the initial presentations.

In post-placement follow-up, the client reported: "Catherine and Michael represented our company, as well as potential candidates, with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Their knowledge, expertise and strong networking skills resulted in successfully finding and placing the right person for the position. Collaborating with OnBoard is a proven win-win business decision.”

Type of Search:
Director Analytics, Campaign Planning
In August 2012, OnBoard partnered with an educational publishing company in Columbus to help them hire a Director Analytics for Campaign Planning. This role had responsibility for end-to-end analysis of marketing campaigns from test design to execution and analysis in a multichannel environment. It was also important that the candidate fit the company’s creative and collaborative culture.

Catherine entered the search late in the process as the opening had been posted for several months. Feeling the local market had been exhausted, Catherine expanded the search and called a contact out of state. While this person was not personally interested, she instead recommended a former colleague. The two had worked together years ago at the same out-of-state company, but the candidate had since moved to Columbus! Timing was golden, and the candidate was interviewed and hired within three weeks of the presentation to the client.

Because of the referral, OnBoard made a contribution to Turning Point through the ForwardOn giving program.

Type of Search:
Statistical Data Analysts
Contingent / Exclusive
A financial services company has turned to OnBoard three times over the past year to hire Statistical Data Analysts to support their clients’ data analysis needs. The company is willing to cultivate junior talent, and their hiring profile calls for a master’s degree in a quantitative area of study, experience in predictive modeling and statistical tools such as SAS, SPSS or R. The ability for analysts to interface directly with internal and external clients is also essential.

For these searches, Catherine and Michael leveraged relationships with regional universities with statistics programs. We also marketed through our database, which includes profiles of candidates with fewer than two years’ experience. The average time to hire a junior position was 32 days; a more senior position took 60 days.

Over the past year, OnBoard has made contributions to both Pelotonia and Turning Point through ForwardOn as a result of referrals made for these positions.

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