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10 January 2017

Top Big Data Trends and How They Will Affect Your Career

Big data technology has rapidly moved from a hype to a core function. The last two years have seen a surge in corporate big data initiatives, and most enterprises have officially moved out of the testing phase into rapid production.  What does the future hold for big data and those analysts who work in the […]

6 January 2017
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Job Profile: Data Scientists

The field of data science has been described as “part science, part art.” Data scientists are responsible for organizing and analyzing complicated data sets, and reporting their findings to members of the executive team to help them drive decision making. That means that these professionals must have top-notch mathematics and computer science abilities, and they […]

4 January 2017
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Job Profile: Predictive Modeler

Predictive modeling is a big data job that uses analytics to create statistical models of behavior. Professionals use variable factors called predictors to determine the potential outcome of a specific situation. For example, predictive modeling can be used to determine how a customer’s age, gender, income and purchase history might predict the likelihood of a […]

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