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14 July 2015

Understanding the Internet of Things

Smart cars. Smart refrigerators. Self-adjusting thermostats. Wearable technology. All of these devices are part of the greater Internet of Things (IoT). Put simply, the Internet of Things refers to the connection of objects we use every day to the Internet. The data passed through those devices is used to make them even smarter and more […]

21 May 2015

Find Quality Workers in Big Data

There has been a well-documented skills gap in the world of big data. The market for analytics has expanded exponentially over the last several years, but the market isn’t producing enough highly qualified data analysts and scientists to fill those positions. According to a recent study by Gartner, 4.4 million big data jobs are expected […]

27 April 2015

Hiring? How to Gain Access to the Best Talent in the Industry

Now that unemployment rates have dipped to pre-recession levels, the war for talent is heating up. When it comes to accessing the best talent in the industry – especially among technology fields – employers need every advantage they can get. Niche recruiters can be an employer’s secret weapon in the war for talent. If you’ve […]

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