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21 May 2015

Find Quality Workers in Big Data

There has been a well-documented skills gap in the world of big data. The market for analytics has expanded exponentially over the last several years, but the market isn’t producing enough highly qualified data analysts and scientists to fill those positions. According to a recent study by Gartner, 4.4 million big data jobs are expected […]

7 May 2015

How Can a CFO Use Analytics to Improve The Business

Big data isn’t just for sales and marketing anymore. Every department in every organization across all industries is learning to harness information to help them make data-driven business decisions – including financial decisions. Until recently, CFOs focused their energy on capital and control issues, however, that role is experiencing a significant shift towards strategy and […]

13 March 2015

How to Grow Your Data Science Career

Data scientists are some of the most in-demand professionals in the marketplace, and the field is only expected to grow over the next 10 years. If you are a data analyst looking to grow your data science career, here are some things you must do in order to take the next steps: Develop a Solid […]

23 February 2015

5 Reasons to Partner with a Specialized Recruiter for Your Recruiting Needs

More and more companies are learning the value of partnering with a recruiter who can unlock access to top talent. These recruiters work effectively to find qualified candidates to fill open positions, whether those candidates are active in the job market or not. They have solid negotiating skills, a strong talent network, and an eye […]

29 December 2014

Top Big Data Stories of 2014

2015 is upon us, and this is the time of the year when everyone likes to take a look back at the noteworthy events of the previous 12 months. Big data was big news this past year, and here are some stories that highlight just how impactful big data has been in 2014: Ten Ways […]

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